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  World Wide Missions

Matthew 28:19:  "Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost."

The Bible states that it is the church's responsibility to send forth laborers.

Christ Community Baptist Tabernacle seeks to train young men and women the Bible so that they may go forth from our church and teach others. At Christ Community Baptist Tabernacle we understand the call of Mark 16:15 that says: And he (Jesus) said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. We consider the support of missionaries to be an essential part of our church and we believe that giving is the way for us to reach the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

At present the church supports 17 missionaries who share God's Word in Mexico, England, Slovakia, China, Ghana, New Guinea, India, Honduras, and ministries in the including a Christian School, and Child Evangelism Fellowship. Below are our missionaries.

Where we could we linked the missionaries to their own web pages which when clicked opens a new window to their ministry website. Please remember to PRAY for these dear Brethren.

Our annual Mission Conference in April keeps us aware of the needs of the world. 
All are encouraged to give to Missions for the cause of Christ.

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Ed & Flossie Abbott    Hananeel House    Tom & Jane Dotson    CEF-NJ    GCCS    Jim & Roberta Hill    Eddie & Marta Ray
Neil & Beth Ray    Timothy & Ramona Abbott    Ray & Sheila Davis    Bud & Bonnie Morton    Andres & Ginger Franco
Charlie & Julie Luther  Shaji & Reena Jose  LeRoy & Amber Rolston  Derrick & Julianna Morlan  Angela Baker  The Pines

CCBT Supported since 1968



Ed & Flossie Abbott, Missionary, Mexico 



Edward Abbott was reared in a Christian home and saved at the age of ten. He was called to full-time service as a teenager. He received his B.S. degree at John Brown University. While earning his graduate degree at Faith Theological Seminary, he married Flossie Hamilton, who also was reared in a Christian home. She was saved at age 5.

Their only United States pastorate was in New Jersey from 1963 to 1967. On Sept 12, 1967, God made clear His calling to the Abbotts for service in Mexico. They arrived on the field in May of 1968, with their four children.

Following a year of language study and acquaintance with the field, culture and work, they began their primary ministry, a Bible Institute for village youth. Village evangelism, children’s classes and church planting also occupied much of their time.

Over the years Edward has written and developed the entire Institute course; trained graduates to teach in the Bible institute. He has also written, prepared and distributed thousands of Bible teaching lessons and booklets for Sunday Schools and Vacation Bible Schools. He has also taught Bible doctrine and other Bible courses on video. The courses are used in video Bible institutes in sixteen countries with outstanding success.

The Abbotts now have eight children. Seven of them have married Mexican Christians. Six of them and their partners, most graduates of the Bible institute, are now serving the Lord fulltime in Mexico. The Abbotts now have 21 grandchildren, all of them Mexican citizens.

In 1999 Edward resigned as director of the Institute which he founded. His son, Timothy became the director for four years. In June, 2003, upon his resignation, Andres Franco, one of the Abbott’s son-in-law accepted the position of director of the Institute. He has served in the Institute ministry since 1989.

In recent years Edward continues his writing and recording ministries in Spanish. He has taught in the Institute, as well as preaching and teaching in conferences and evangelistic campaigns.

The Abbotts began their Bible Institute ministry in 1969 for poor village and other lower class Christian youths. All of the present teachers in the Institute are graduates of the same. Graduates are now pastoring, founding churches and working with other pastors and missionaries in many parts of Mexico. More than forty are pastors.

The Bible Institute is a missionary effort. The students work fifteen hours a week in kitchen, maintenance and construction work, but pay nothing for room and board, or tuition. The Institute is CCBT Supported by offerings of interested Christians and churches. Mexican churches are learning to send offerings to the Institute, but over ninety-five percent of the support still comes from the U.S.

Eben-ezer Institute has a building that houses offices and three classrooms, dormitory space for about twenty men and a storage building. The Abbott’s former home serves as school kitchen, dining room and dormitory space for about eight girls. Andres’ family now stays there during the school year.

Enrollment in recent years has run as high as fifteen young men and five girls. Students attend classes Monday through Friday mornings with a few classes in the afternoons. Most afternoons are dedicated to manual labors. Evenings serve for study hours and church services. On weekends all students are out in practical Christian service in churches and missions, personal evangelism and visitation.

The Institution program first stresses preparation of the spiritual life of the students, then solid Bible instructions, doctrinal foundations and practical “how-to” courses to help equip them for Christian service. The weekly practice of preaching and directing Bible classes help students develop tools with which to give God’s Word to their own Mexican people.

Bro. Abbott has had some physical challenges this year and would appreciate your prayers for his health and their ministry. The Abbotts have served the Lord faithfully all of these years and desires to serve as long as the Lord leaves them here.
You may write them at P.O. Box 2023, Harlingen, Texas, 78551.


CCBT Supported since 1970



Hananeel House

Hananeel Ministries P.O. Box 11527 Phila. PA 19116

Hananeel Ministries can be described as an independent, fundamental, Bible believing ministry. We are "Baptistic" and hold to a dispensational understanding of Scripture. We therefore not only believe in Israel's PAST, as taught in God's Holy Word, but also in Israel's FUTURE as foretold by Scripture, God's prophets and Messiah Himself. We therefore labor in the PRESENT, convinced of God's continued and faithful love for His people yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

We believe in the verbal plenary inspiration and inerrancy of the HOLY BIBLE; the fall and total depravity of humanity and their need for regeneration by faith alone in the sacrificial death of the Lord Jesus the Messiah; the eternal life of the saved, the eternal punishment of the lost; and the absolute Deity of the Lord Jesus; His virgin birth; His perfect humanity; the efficacy of His blood "shed for the remission of sins"; His real bodily resurrection from the dead and His ascension into Heaven; and the immanence of His pre- millennial return.

We believe also that Israel is God's chosen nation, and that nationally they are elected to have an entire generation of Israel that shall be saved (Romans 11:25-26) after the Church is pre-tribulationally "caught up" to meet the Lord in the air (1 Thessalonians 4:17). We also believe that in the meantime, both Jewish and Gentile people who are outside of faith in Messiah are lost and without hope, and thus require the preaching of the gospel (Romans 10:1-5) for their salvation.


CCBT Supported since 1980

Tom & Jane Dotson 


Tom & Jane Dotson 

Field:  England

Church planting & Christian school

Home Church:  
Faith Baptist Church, Simpsonville, SC

On Field Since:  




Near the end of Tom's studies at Bob Jones University, the Lord spoke to his heart and asked him and his family to go to England as missionaries. At that time, Tom was pastoring a church in northeast Georgia and planned to move to that area to further the ministry. After receiving this calling, he resigned from the church.


The Dotsons applied to GFA Missions, raised financial and prayer support, and moved to England in September 1981. The Lord impressed upon their hearts to begin ministering in a village near their current location, a small village called Brimpton, which is located approximately 50 miles west of London. Their church is an independent Baptist church and was established in 1843.


The Dotsons first started Faith Baptist Church. The church met in village halls and had a large contingent of American military attending since it was near an American air base. Eventually the air base was closed, and all the Americans left. Having made contact with a lay preacher in Brimpton, Tom talked with him about the possibility of merging Faith Baptist with the church that he attended. Eventually they were able to make that move, and Tom became the pastor of Brimpton Baptist Church.


The church is growing spiritually and numerically. In addition to the church building, there is a small school building that was used for Sunday school classes. It is now used to help tutor children who are home educated. The Dotsons are in the process of building an extension to the school building so that this part of the ministry can become a Christian school. There is also a Bible institute to help train the church folks and give them a good knowledge of the Scriptures.


Tom will eventually turn this work over to a national pastor in the Lord's timing and according to His will. He and Jane are thankful for the privilege of being able to work in England, and they expect the Lord to do greater things.




CCBT Supported since 1982




Elaine States
125 S. Main St.
Elmer, NJ 08318



CCBT Supported since 1982



Gloucester County Christian School

Gloucester County Christian School has been established to assist Christian parents in the education of their children.

Our objective is:

√ To equip our students for life (Getting the tools)
√ To edify our students to live for Christ (Using the tools)
√ To educate our students for the Christian life (Mastering the tools)

2 Timothy 3:16,17

Gloucester County Christian School is owned and operated by Hardingville Bible Church. The school is located on 60 acres of land near Pitman, Richwood, and Barnsboro, NJ. Organized by a group of parents in 1964, there has been a Christian school on the property ever since. We have students in grades Pre-school through twelve. The students excel in local, regional and national academic/fine arts and sports competitions.The faculty is selected on a number of criteria including their Christian testimony, education preparation, and teaching experience; with the goal of giving each student a thorough Christian education. Teachers are required to be in accord with the school’s Christian philosophy of education and doctrine. Each academic subject is taught and viewed through a biblical perspective.


CCBT Supported since 1984


Jim & Roberta Hill


Hill Highlights
7413 Park Drive
Houghton, NY 14744

Jim:  716-796-4468    jhill@twr.org


Roberta:  716-796-3861          rhill@twr.org

Website: http://www.twr.org


Greetings from Bratislava, Slovakia!

   Yes, you read that correctly – Bratislava, Slovakia! This is where we served for almost eleven years with TWR. That is also where BERC was established and has ministered to many families since 2004. You may remember that BERC stands for Bratislava Educational Resource Center, which Roberta started at TWR’s request, to aid missionary families in Bratislava with educational needs. Just when we regretfully thought we would have to close BERC, Melanie (A BERC graduate) and her husband, Andrew, expressed the strong desire to come and continue the ministry! Please be praying for Melanie, Andrew, and Daska as they finish their schooling, raise support, and prepare to head overseas.

   Do you remember our prayer request in the previous prayer letter about discerning what God would have us do next? Well, God has answered. Recently, TWR approached me with an offer to take a newly forming position in Cary, North Carolina. Roberta and I will relocate to TWR headquarters in October. In this role, I will draw on what I have previously done through 26 years of TWR service. The position will have me working with many different TWR departments, TWR ministries, and TWR partners helping them have multiple uses for radio programs, videos, literature, etc. & enabling these items to be repurposed and redeployed greatly expanding their impact globally. I will be responsible for managing the western hemisphere involvement. Basically, I will be developing and managing a new digital warehouse, overseeing the receiving and distribution of material, as well as making sure it is properly organized and stored. Thanks for praying for us.

   What can you specifically pray for now? Four things we would appreciate prayer for: a God-directed solution about our house in Houghton – renters or buyers, the move and adjustments in North Carolina, housing there, and grace to learn all that is required in my new position.

   Being back here in Bratislava reminds me of the past ministries we have been privileged to be a part of, and yet is also testifies that the work is not done – much more needs to take place, whether through BERC or TWR or other avenues. Changes take place over the years, but one thing has not changed: people need the Lord. Thanks again for helping us serve Him, share Him and worship Him with our lives.



Serving Our Lord with You,
Jim and Roberta Hill


CCBT Supported since 1998


Eddie and Marta Ray
Far East Baptist Missions
The Ray family are missionaries to China.



  (Neil & Beth Ray recently joined with Neil's parents Eddie & Marta Ray).




May   2014





   In the past few months we have seen growth at Truth Baptist Church. We have seen the Lord add some to the church, and have seen others take steps of growth in the Lord. I have been preaching through a series on Scriptural principles. I have taken the last three months to deal with specific principles ranging from Christian liberty to New Testament giving. I have spent three to four weeks on each topic. It has been encouraging to see some growth among the church people as a result.

In the last few weeks, I have had opportunity to meet with several pastors from all over China. My eyes have been opened for the need for basic Bible teaching and preaching among Chinese believers.

We will have to make a trip back to the States at the beginning of July to renew some US paperwork for my wife. We were planning to just make a quick trip, but with the baby due the second week of August, we will have to stay in the US until the baby is born. I plan to schedule a few meetings during the month of July to try to raise some much-needed ministry support. Please pray that this trip back to the US goes smoothly and that we can return to China quickly. As much as we hate leaving Beijing, this trip is unavoidable.

Beth and the baby are doing well. We found out last month we are having a baby girl. It’s actually a funny story because legally the doctors are not supposed to tell you the sex of the child. I explained to the doctor that we are just 老外 (lao wai - a bit of a derogatory term for foreigners) and we wouldn't care either way what sex the baby is. So she chuckled and not only showed us the ultrasound, but confirmed that we are having a little girl.

Please continue to pray and give toward the Digital Chinese Bible project. Interestingly enough, the Chinese pastors don’t need convincing that the Bible they are currently using is unreliable. Most would readily admit that it is faulty at best, but have nothing to replace it with. We are excited to soon be able to distribute copies of a reliable Chinese Bible.

 In Christ,

Neal, Beth and Lois

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Marta Ray is cancer free after surgery

Safe arrival of our container
Check out Beth's blog "Beyond Imagining"
Prayer Requests


Beth’s language school

He Chen's Salvation

Zhang Yuan's Salvation


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Sending church (and mailing address):
Bethel Baptist Church
2155 Vann Drive
Jackson, TN 38305





CCBT Supported since 2000


Timothy & Ramona Abbott, Missionary, Mexico


Alto (Upper Room) Baptist Church

Timothy and Ramona Abbott joined IGM in 1996. Rev. 'Timo' is the son of Edward and Flossie Abbott. He is the pastor of Alto Baptist Church in Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico. They also have a VBS and Youth Camp ministry.


Timothy Abbott family


CCBT Supported since 2001


Bro. Ray & Sheila Davis 

Rock of Ages Ministries, Inc.
P.O. Box 2308
Cleveland, TN 37320, USA



Ray & Sheila Davis

Anniversary: 3/24/67 -- Birthdays: Ray: 7/2/47 Sheila: 7/29/46

CCBT Supported since 2002




Bud & Bonnie Morton
NTM, PO Box 1079





CCBT Supported since 2005

Andres & Ginger Franco (Mexico) 

and Eben-Ezer Bible Institute

Andres and Ginger Franco joined IGM in 2005. Ginger is the daughter of Edward and Flossie Abbott.
Andres is the director of Eben-ezer Bible Institute, a tuition-free Bible training ministry in Hidalgo.

Latest prayer letter:

http://www.igmonline.org/...../Franco February 2012.pdf



CCBT Supported since 2006


Charlie and Jill Luther

P.O. Box TD 1238
Takoradi, Ghana W/R
West Africa

Joel 10/27/2000  | Charissa 3/7/2005 | CatieGrace 2/6/2009 | Christianna 8/8/2006 | Joshua 6/18/2003 | Courtney 9/2/11

Charlie- 12/16  | Julie- 06/15

Charlie and Julie Luther Missionaries to Ghana, West Africa have been married thirteen years and have six children.

Charlie's Testimony and Call to Preach:

I came to faith in Christ with full assurance of my salvation when I was eighteen years old. As a child, up to the day of my salvation, I heard the gospel in Bible-preaching churches, but I never truly repented of my sin and trusted on Christ for eternal salvation. John 1:12 was preached from the pulpit in college chapel at Pensacola Christian College. As God, by His grace, lighted the way of understanding of sin, righteousness, Christ, His grace, the cross, faith, and repentance, I clung to Him because of His Word that says, "But as many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name." I was later baptized by immersion with the desire to be continually obedient to my Lord. In 1992, God very definitely called me into the Gospel preaching ministry. My heart was as the apostle Paul's when he said, "Woe is unto me, if I preach not the gospel!" Recently God has placed a deep burden in our hearts for the people of Ghana, and a desire to be God's instruments to plant churches and teach national men to become preachers, missionaries, pastors and evangelists.

Julie's Testimony:

I was raised in a godly Christian home and heard the way of salvation from my earliest days. At a very young age, I remember starting each prayer, "Dear Jesus, please forgive my sins and come back into my heart." My parents explained to me that once you have asked Jesus to forgive your sins and save you, He will never leave. At the age of seven, I realized that my prayers for salvation had been only empty words. Understanding that I was a sinner and could not save myself, I accepted Jesus as my Savior and I know He is mine forever. I was baptized a couple years later and publicly surrendered my life to do whatever God asked me to do. I have always had a heart for missions. At the age of six, I decided that when I grew up I would be a missionary nurse in the Philippines with my aunt, Jan Whetstone. As I grew older, I knew I probably would not work with my aunt in the Philippines, but the desire to be a nurse and a missionary remained. I am excited that God has granted the desire of my heart by calling us to be missionaries in Ghana, West Africa.

Past Ministry:

Missions--Six months in Ghana relieving missionaries who were home on furlough. (Fall 1999-Spring 2000). Charlie also spent 8 weeks in Ghana (1998). Julie worked in a mission hospital in Togo for 10 weeks (1997).
Local Church--Youth director at Clear Springs Baptist Church, Clear Springs, Alabama (1996-1999).Youth pastor at Central Baptist Church, Ocala, Florida (2000-2002). Involved in Children's Ministry, Adult Sunday School, and Bus ministry at Tri-City Baptist Church, Independence, Missouri (2002-2005)
Camp—Julie was a counselor for 4 summers and nurse 1 summer at Lincoln Lake Baptist Youth Camp, Gowen, Michigan.


Charlie—Completed Advanced Missionary Training at Baptist Bible Translators Institute . M. Div. from Heart of America Seminary , 2005. M.A. in Biblical Exposition from Pensacola Theological Seminary , 1999. B.A. in Bible from Pensacola Christian College , 1996.

Julie—Completed Advanced Missionary Training at Baptist Bible Translators Institute . BS in Nursing from Pensacola Christian College , 1997. Registered Nurse.

Joel 10/27/2000  | Charissa 3/7/2005 | CatieGrace 2/6/2009 | Christianna 8/8/2006 | Joshua 6/18/2003


January / February 2010


Dear Friends,
We have always said that being a family with five children is an experience that never has a dull moment. However, since moving to West Africa we now know that we have hardly seen excitement. We've been in Ghana three weeks, and we are wondering how so many “events” can happen in just 21 days: killing over 10 scorpions at our home, Charlie and all five kids getting arrested for running a traffic light that wasn't even working, not to mention all the living and cultural adjustments that we've had to make. All that being said, it has truly been wonderful to be here. God has so blessed, and we feel so enriched knowing that so many folks are praying for us and for those with whom and to whom we are ministering. Many thanks are in order for your prayers.
We have been attending Mt. Calvary Baptist Church in a village near Takoradi. Brother Ray Davis planted and currently pastors this local church. He and his wife have been in Ghana for nearly ten years. It is a great joy and privilege to be here with them as Brother Davis was my pastor in Florida for 6 years when I attended college and seminary. We cannot say enough as to how much the Davises are a blessing to us. They have worked intensely preparing so much for our arrival. And since we've arrived they have fed us, carried us anywhere we've needed to go, and prayed with us and for us.


One of the most glorious things we've seen is the spiritual growth in the lives of those we knew ten years ago. When Julie and I filled in here for Brother Mike Taylor and his family, we were giving take-home Bible study lessons to several new converts. They would return them for grading and we would give them more. They were as sponges soaking in the truth of God's Word. How wonderful it is to be back here and see two of these young men preaching on a regular basis at Mt. Calvary Baptist. Evans Benyah (3rd from left) and Abbey Nkrumah (4th from left) preach messages filled with Scripture and practical application, going back and forth from English (Ghana's Official Language) to Fante. These men are faithful to the Lord and it is such an encouragement seeing them give their lives for Christ.





• Safe arrival and good health for all of us.

• Elizabeth Brown postponing her schooling at PCC to help us here for 4½ months.

• Larry and Linda Morgan, missionaries here, gave us a 6 week old German Shepherd – the children love her.

• Our container arrived and cleared customs.

Prayer Requests
• A close walk with the Lord for a strong family and effective ministry.

• Language Learning.

• Setting up house.

• Evangelism efforts to those who speak English well.

Local Address
Since customs costs to receive boxes can be high, we are discouraging any packages larger in thickness than a letter or bubble letter envelope. Values on customs forms should be as low as possible – the item’s worth (lower amount) not the price paid for it (higher amount).















CCBT Supported since 2010

Shaji & Reena Jose,
Jeffin, Jennifer
Biblical Baptist Church
Box # 12, Pampady
Kottayam, Kerala, India  686502

Ph. 011-481-2505718


Jeffin (Mar. 01)  Shaji (Nov. 23)  Reena (Oct. 5)  Jennifer (Mar. 15)

CCBT Supported since 2012

Missionaries to Honduras
LeRoy & Amber Rolston



Apartado 30345
Toncontin O Comayaguela
Honduras CA
LA_Rolston@yahoo.com  leroyrolston@mwbm.org

Dear Pastor / Co-Laborer,

Thank you so very much for prayerfully considering our ministry. We are the Rolston family: LeRoy, Amber, LeRoy III, Callie Jean, and Jake. God has called us to take His gospel to the people in Honduras, Central America. As anywhere else in this world, there are many souls that are longing for truth in the land of Honduras.

A vast majority of Hondurans claim to be Catholic, but very few actually hold to this religion. As well as Catholicism, the country is influenced by Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Charismatic movement, and many other false teachings. In spite of these many religions, we are convinced that many Hondurans are in spiritual darkness.

Our goal is to show the people how they can have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We so desire to give Hondurans the opportunity to trust Christ as their personal Savior and then to disciple them to give them the opportunity to be effective Christians. We are working along side Sam and Julie Hodges who have been working in Sabanagrande, Honduras for over twelve years. They had planted a church in this town, but were desperate for fellow laborers. The harvest in this mountain town is plenteous, but the laborers are few. As the Lord has allowed, we are assisting in the following various ministries: New Life Bpatist Church, New Life Baptist Seminary - training young men to start and pastor local new testament baptist churches, and New Life Bilingual Christian School (using the A Beka curriculum).

We pray that you would consider partnering with us and share the burden that God has given to us for Honduran souls.   Thank you in advance for your consideration in this matter and we look forward to speaking with you in the future about the need for Christ in Honduras.

Because He Lives,
Bro. LeRoy Rolston

Latest Prayer Letter

CCBT Supported since 2012


Derrick & Julianna & Micah & Hadley & Titus Morlan
8 Outram Rd.
Cowley, Oxford OX4 3PE
ph: 07578 618654

CCBT Supported since 2012


Angela Baker
15a Witney Street
Burford, Oxfordshire OX18 45N England
Phone (in England): 011447411674737

Sending Church:
Temple Baptist Church
1700 W. Beaver Creek Drive
Powell, TN 37849

Mission Office:
Temple Baptist Church
PO Box 329
Powell, TN 37849

Serving at:
Oxford Baptist Chapel
Oxford, England

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On Deputation to Alaska



Bro. George Pine Family


George, Judy, George, Bekah, Julia

602 W. Thurman Rd.
New Bern, NC 28562
Phone: 252-288-6755