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Gloucester County Christian School has been established to assist Christian parents in the education of their children. Our objective is:
√ To equip our students for life (Getting the tools)
√ To edify our students to live for Christ (Using the tools)
√ To educate our students for the Christian life (Mastering the tools) 2 Timothy 3:16,17

Gloucester County Christian School is owned and operated by Hardingville Bible Church. The school is located on 60 acres of land near Pitman, Richwood, and Barnsboro, NJ. Organized by a group of parents in 1964, there has been a Christian school on the property ever since. We have students in grades Pre-school through twelve. The students excel in local, regional and national academic/fine arts and sports competitions.The faculty is selected on a number of criteria including their Christian testimony, education preparation, and teaching experience; with the goal of giving each student a thorough Christian education. Teachers are required to be in accord with the school’s Christian philosophy of education and doctrine. Each academic subject is taught and viewed through a biblical perspective.