Timothy and Ramona Abbott


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Timothy & Ramona Abbott, Mexico


“But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them;” 2 Timothy 3:14

Dear Prayer Partners,
It has now been eight months since our move. God has been good to us in the midst of all the changes. We rejoice in seeing God at work and how He leads us day by day. He has been faithful and we understand He has a special purpose in ALL He allows in our lives.

We praise the Lord for His FAITHFULNESS! God has been good and provided the funds for the paper work for our family! We thank those of you who had a special part in this! At the moment, we are waiting for an appointment with Immigration for the final details. PLEASE PRAY this will come quickly!

We also praise the Lord for providing us a car for our transportation. Running back and forth to school with the kids, an eighty-mile round trip, was heavy with our van. Now with the car it is much easier and less expensive. We thank the Lord for the family in Houston who donated it to us.

At the present, we are holding our services outside. We needed a tarp or roof under which we could hold our services. We thank the Lord for a Christian man here in the valley who donated a tarp for our services. We also thank the Lord for what He has allowed us to do in our service to Him as we are here in the US. We see the work at our Colonia coming. We can see kids come and becoming a little more faithful. We see parents are beginning to open up to us. We have not had many come out to our services, but we do get to speak with them and share the Gospel with them and God is doing His work. As we speak with other preachers in the area, we learn from them that it takes time for the people here to open up to strangers.

We also thank the Lord for allowing us to receive blessings from the Marshalls. They are missionaries to Argentina. They were here in Texas learning the Spanish language for the past school year. We were privileged for them to be with us and helping with the work here in the Colonia. We miss them as they have returned to their church and are finishing up their deputation so they can head for Argentina, Lord willing, in January 2017. Please pray for them!

We want to thank the Lord for our kids. They have finished up school for this year and are doing well in learning their English. Timothy has been able to finish up law school in Mexico. At the present, he is here with us and has a job. He is looking forward to and praying for his wedding in August. Please pray for God’s leading in their lives (Timothy and Yessica). Melissa was able to go on the junior/senior trip to the Wilds. That was a special experience for her. She saw, first of all, God provide the money needed to go. Secondly, she saw God take her through the check point even though their papers are not in yet. Then thirdly, she was blessed in the teaching and the good time she had at camp. Nathanael is also learning his English even though he still does not like school! He is coming along and I can say he is doing well.

The church planting in our Colonia is our priority but we thank the Lord that He has allowed us to serve and help in other Spanish churches in the area. Right now, God is moving us to help in another Spanish church. I will help as an assistant pastor/youth leader. We also have a vision to start a Bible Institute to train young people to preach God´s Word.

We see the great need of Spanish preachers in the US today. Here in the Texas Valley, we have youth who have learned both English and Spanish and also have the legal papers to go north. That will allow the cost of sending preacher/missionaries to be much less. PLEASE pray with us for God’s leading in this.

We now head into the summer with plans to accomplish. We will be having our VBS here in the Colonia the second week of June and then the last week we would like to go to Mexico and work on putting the tile floor in at the church there and have a VBS in Juan Rincon. PLEASE pray for the funds needed and for safety in our travels.

We rejoice in seeing our church in Victoria continue and seeing them go from victory to victory in every situation there. God has been good in keeping our people safe through the violence. The church has been able to continue with the construction of a roof for different activities and a future pastor’s house.

Our heaviest burden now is waiting on the paper work. Please pray this will come quickly. Timothy is planning to get married in August in Victoria and would really like for his mom to be there with him. Please pray for this situation to come through so we can see God’s answer in that also.

We thank the Lord for His provision for our daily needs and ministry. We have struggled financially here in the States, but we thank the Lord He has provided me a part-time job at a Christian camp where I am able to serve and at the same time, provide for our family. Also, we thank the Lord for providing a job for Timothy where he has been able to stabilize his situation in preparing for his new life in marriage.

Thank you again for standing with us as we minister in our Lord’s work here in the Rio Grande Valley.

We do ask you to pray for us as we continue. Pray for several special needs we have, that God may provide for them as well:

1. For family papers to finish up the process
2. For Timothy and Yessica in their plans for marriage
3. God’s guidance in what He has for us as we minister here in the Texas Valley
4. For a place inside to hold our services due to the high humidity here in Texas.

Yours in Christ,
Timothy and Ramona Abbott